Neck Pain

Neck pain can bring your entire day down. Especially in a world where working with screens is more important than ever, having neck pain can make your life difficult. Whether your neck pain comes from an accident, your posture, or activities that need even more neck demands, the Central Alabama Spine Center of Birmingham, AL is ready to help. Here are a few neck pain recovery details to give you an idea of what relief looks like.


Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

No matter the reason, a chiropractor can bring neck pain relief and possibly full recovery. Most neck pain problems come from swollen or overstressed muscles, nerve stress, or spinal alignment. Chiropractic adjustments, muscle relaxation therapy, massage therapy, and ergonomic support are just a few services that Central Alabama Spine Center can use to make your pain situation a distant memory.

Techniques recommended by our chiropractor will depend on the root cause of your neck pain. If you're experiencing pain due to traumatic injury such as a car accident, you may need scans to identify and address any internal damage. Our chiropractor will perform a thorough exam to determine appropriate treatment options.

Workplace Ergonomics

Postures and uncomfortable working environments are primary causes of neck pain. Conditions such as text neck and computer neck describe how people angle their heads, neck, back, and arms, leading to pain.

Ergonomics is the study of how human bodies interact with the tools used every day, and there are specific shapes that support the back for a more efficient load. It's all about having a desk and chair at the proper elevation to look at your screen without moving your neck, back, and other body parts in strange ways.

Unfortunately, not all body shapes are the same, and some people sit with poor posture even in expensive ergonomic chairs due to continued bad desk sizing or simply because the S-curve of their chair isn't right for their body. A chiropractor can provide practical advice to help solve neck pain issues related to ergonomic problems.

Neck Pain Relief in Birmingham

If you're suffering from neck pain, the good news is that you don't have to figure out every detail on your own. Let the Central Alabama Spine Center help you determine the cause and set a course for recovery. If you're in the Birmingham, AL area, reach out today at (205) 868-3741 to schedule a consultation.

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