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Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a treatment approach that involves using a low-level laser to target specific body areas. It's sometimes used as an alternative to traditional medical treatments, such as surgery or medication.


However, laser therapy is a relatively new treatment modality, so there are bound to be some questions about it. At Central Alabama Spine Center in Trussville and Birmingham, AL, we can help you learn a few details about laser therapy.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

Our chiropractor will use a handheld device to direct the low-level laser light at the area of your body experiencing pain. The laser light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the cells in the targeted area. This absorption process causes a biological reaction that can lead to reduced inflammation, enhanced cell regeneration, and improved blood circulation. Laser therapy technology can quickly eliminate all these symptoms and other illnesses.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Therapy?

As an alternative treatment approach, most people want to understand the benefits of laser therapy. This treatment can offer various benefits, such as pain relief, reduced inflammation, and enhanced tissue healing. In addition, since laser therapy is non-invasive, there's no need for recovery or downtime. This outpatient procedure is ideal for those who want to avoid side effects and risks associated with traditional medical treatments, such as surgery.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy can be used as an alternative treatment approach to treat many conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, arthritis, and tendinitis. In addition, this treatment can also treat chronic diseases like fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome. Over the years, laser therapy has been increasingly used to treat various conditions. If you're curious whether this treatment can help, ask our chiropractor.

Is Laser Therapy Safe?

Laser therapy is considered a safe treatment option with few side effects. This treatment's most common side effect is temporary redness or swelling in the treated area. In rare cases, some people may experience a mild burning sensation during the treatment. However, these side effects are usually mild and go away within a few hours. Therefore, you don't have to worry about serious side effects when undergoing laser therapy.

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As discussed above, laser therapy is a great alternative treatment approach that can offer various benefits. If you're looking for an alternative to traditional medical treatments, such as surgery or medication, visit Central Alabama Spine Center in Trussville or Birmingham, AL. Then, contact us at (205) 868-3741 and begin your laser therapy treatment.

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